RV camping checklist and some practical items to bring

If you want adventure, fun and some good times with family friends, then it’s time for rv camping in the great outdoors. Yet, to have an exciting trip that is convenient and safe, some advanced planning is required. It is necessary to prepare an RV camping checklist so everything would go well without the hassle. Some unexpected things can happen along the way such as bad weather or motor troubles,yet, having an rv camping checklist helps you prepare. Make sure that your rv camping checklist include this useful items :

Flashlight, road flares and spare tire. In most cases, cars and trucks do have spare tires good even for temporary use. It would be wise then to really see if you have a spare tire since rv trailers don’t come with any.

Chock Blocks. Using chock blocks for wheels whenever you set-up is a good habit. For safety purposes, always use chock blocks when disconnecting the trailer.

Hose for drinking water (50 feet) Ideally, you must use a hose that has a vinyl lining so there won’t be any after taste when you drink.

Water pressure regulator. Make it a habit to bring a hose regulator which can protect your hose and rv from too much water pressure. There are many parks with water system that have as much as 100 psi pressure.

Extension Cords. In most cases, rv’s have a 15-25 foot cord. Yet,always carry with you a 25 foot extension cord.It is necessary that the cord match the gauge of the rv cable TV cord. This is for parks that offer cable television.

Electric Adapters. The best choice would be having an adapter that will allow you to plug your 30/50 amp cord into a 15 amp outlet (regular household outlet); hence, keep this in mind.

Electrical tester. In case your rv doesn’t have one, get one of the type that keeps plugged into an outlet so you can monitor the voltage.

Sewer hose. It must be at least twenty feel long with proper fittings.

For hygienic purposes, use disposable or water proof gloves when handling the hose.

Stabilizer Jacks. RVs are often sold with crank down or electric stabilizer jacks. Stabilizer jacks are important, make sure you have one.

Toolbox. Make sure pliers and screwdrivers are complete in the toolbox which are very important. Likewise, duct tape is another versatile item to fasten items on the trip.