The Best Places to Go Wilderness Hiking

Wilderness hiking is the best alternative to going to the zoo if you want to interact with Mother Nature. This type of hiking is perfect for those who want to see and feel the beauty of nature for what it really is with their own eyes and hands. Although there are a lot of places that is suited for wilderness hiking, there are only some who stand out. These places are the ones that attracts the most number of tourists and the ones that are the most prized when it comes to wilderness hiking in general. Here are some of the places that you might want to take not of if you’re thinking of embarking on a wilderness hiking journey.

The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park hiking trails is one of the most well kept and beautiful trails that you can hike. Its exceptional beauty comes out after winter time which is why most people go wilderness hiking during this time. This is also the reason why if you’re planning to hike here, better book a guided hiking trip way before the winter ends.

If you want a more adventurous wilderness hiking experience, then you might want to try Cohutta wilderness hiking. The Cohutta wilderness hiking trail is everything that a wilderness hiking trail should be. It has a raging river that may be quite difficult and sometimes, impossible to cross during the worst rainy season. This wilderness hiking trail is so exciting that a single hiking trip may get extended for a couple of days if the weather is bad. This is definitely for those hikers who would want to experience a trail that allows them to see nature in its purest form.

If you’re still looking for the perfect place to hike, then you might want to ask for the expert opinion of those who are in the sipsey wilderness hiking club. This club is formed by wilderness hiking veterans who love wilderness trekking and has already incorporated it into their lives. This is definitely a group of people who understand wilderness hiking better than anybody else.