How to identify different rv camping trailers

A lot of people dream of having any of the rv camping trailers for various personal reasons. An rv camping trailer is a good place to live in especially after retirement and the kids are gone. For some families, it can serve as the vehicle for getting to various destinations. No matter what the reason maybe, it would be helpful to know the different types of RV camping trailers. The various types of rv camping trailers are created to suit different lifestyles. Likewise, different people have some purpose in mind which is why they need a specific rv type. The most basic feature about RV camping trailers is identifying what kind of rig you need.

These are two common types of rigs:

1. Motorized RV camping trailers- In most cases, the driving compartment is found inside the vehicle. They are built on a motor vehicle chassis.

2. Towable RV camping trailers Towable rv – Typically, this one is pulled by a different vehicle with a driving compartment.

Motorized rv

For most people, this type of rig comes into their mind when they hear RV. Typically, it’s called a motorhome, the size of which averages between twenty to forty feet in length. Motorhomes are easier to drive and park, plus if the owner senses that the location is not that safe during night time, the driver just turn it on and drives away for good.

The Class A motorhome is normally rectangular in appearance, making it very distinct from others. A motorhome is fitted with seats that swivel aorund so it’s like having a living room furniture. The amenities are self-contained bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, and bedroom. Class A motorhomes are just larger cars actually; these big ones are very convenient and practical too.

Towable rvs

These kind of rv camping trailers are really practical to use since all you have to do is unhitch the the rv when you arrive on the location; then, you can take the vehicle wherever you want.

Fifth wheel -The fifth wheel is a trailer that hitches in the bed of the truck.

Travel trailer – This is well-known among the rv camping trailers; people like ibecause they just have to hitch it on the back of the tow vehicle ( van, truck or car) based on the weight and size of the trailer.

Pop-up trailer When closed, a pop-up trailer resembles a box.

Camper – The slide-in camper is a removable camper shell which can be removed form the body of a flatbed truck.

Now that you understand the different types of RV camping trailers, you can wisely choose the model that suits your needs and budget.