Backpacking through Europe is an inexpensive way to enjoy a pricy area of the world. However, that does not mean you don’t have to do some budget planning prior to departure. Backpacking Europe can cost a lot or a little depending on your travel style, how long you plan to travel, and when you are going to travel. Here are some tips for planning how much backpacking in Europe will cost for you.

Pre-Departure Costs

These are the first backpacking Europe costs you need to keep in mind when planning your trip. Without paying for these things first, you aren’t going to be able to set off on your trip. Depending on where you are flying from and when you are flying, the cost of your plane ticket will vary. You also need to estimate how much your rail pass will cost you. Furthermore, it is advisable that you invest in travel insurance in case of medical or other emergencies.

You will also need to make sure you have a valid passport. This can take a little while to process so make sure you get one plenty of time in advance. In the U.S., the passport fee is $85 or so. Also make sure to get a good backpack for your trip. Get one fitted at an outdoors store. Don’t think of purchasing one online in spite of how good the reviews are because your body type will determine how comfortable a backpack will be for you. A backpack will be about $100 to $250 of your backpacking Europe cost.

Also make sure prior to departure that you determine whether you need to apply for visas in any of the countries you are visiting. The visa applications will take time and money so be ready. You’ll also want to look for a guidebook for the regions you will be visiting. There are some guidebooks geared towards Europe as a whole. A good guidebook will cost less than $30 and it will help you plan how much your backpacking Europe trip will cost.

Expenses While Traveling

Backpacking Europe will cost you a minimum of $60 to $75 per day. You might think that this sounds like a lot but you’ll realize that it isn’t much at all once you get over there. It is important to remember that it is better to go for a shorter amount of time and spend more money than try to stretch your dollar too much in order to stay longer. Sitting around at your hostel is no fun. Living expenses alone will cost at least $60.

As you can see, backpacking Europe costs a lot less than traveling as a mass tourist but it isn’t necessarily that cheap either. Follow these tips so you can plan a hassle-free trip and never worry that you will run out of money. A lot of planning budget planning may seem tedious but it will make your trip easier and you’ll end up spending less money in the end.