Camping Hiking Backpack: A Few Good Options That Are Worth Checking Out

When it concerns choosing the right camping hiking backpack don’t forget to check out Teton Sports Wilderness 555 that even though it is a basic camping hiking backpack is nevertheless highly recommended for among other things its excellent durability. When choosing the right camping hiking backpack one important feature that is worth looking out for is the number of compartments and pockets that the camping hiking backpack has.

Teton Sports Wilderness 555 Is The Best Camping Hiking Backpack

Fortunately, the Teton Sports Wilderness 555 has quite a few numbers of pockets and it also has a special compartment in which you can store your sleeping bag and in addition it also has a built-in rain cover. It provides three thousand five hundred cubic inches of space which is reasonably good and in addition it is compact and so very handy for camping though in spite of its compact size it can still hold more than what a weekend camper would need to take along with them. It is also highly useful in warm weather.

The Osprey Ariel 65 is another good camping hiking backpack and one that is well suited for short camping trips and also in case you need something to hold less weighty loads and so it is obviously a camping hiking backpack that will suit a woman camper extremely well. It comes with the outstanding pivoting suspension and its foam padding (heat molded) as too its good airflow makes it a very comfortable item that will prove to be very useful on any short duration camping trip.

Other great camping hiking backpacks include the Mountainsmith Treklight Eclipse 55 and the Mountain Laurel Design Prophet with the latter being a lightweight option while the former is well suited for weekend camping. The Mountain Laurel Designs Prophet is an extremely useful camping hiking backpack that can easily carry loads of up to twenty pounds and all this in spite of its ultra-light weight.

This very ultra-light feature is extremely desirable though this same feature also does also make this camping hiking backpack liable to tear if it gets caught in brushes or in branches. It could also do with a few more compartments.

Whether you are a person that likes to hike occasionally or whether you are a hiking fanatic choosing the best hiking backpack is certainly one of your main concerns. This task of choosing the best among many different hiking backpacks can be simplified if you know which size to choose; makes sure that it fits properly and is affordable as well.