What You Need For Hiking And Backpacking Gear

If you are planning a camping vacation for you and your family you are going to need to get some hiking and backpacking gear. Before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on stuff you do not need you may want to read on so that you can come up with a plan of what to purchase. There are many places that sell hiking and camping gear, but for the most part these paces will have severely inflated prices and low rate equipment. This is not to say that there are some out there that have good, high quality hiking and camping gear, but for the most part you are going to want to find a backpacking, camping and hiking specialty store.

Items To Look Get For You Hiking And Backpacking Gear

The first thing you will need to get if you are planning your hiking and backpacking gear is a good solid pair of boots. A good pair of boots is by far the most important thing to have when you are selecting your hiking and backpacking gear because without a good pair your hike will be absolutely horrible. Your feet and ankles are the most likely spot for you to get injured on a hike so make sure they are well protected with a good solid pair of boots. Second to that, the next most likely way you will get hurt is if you slip and fall. Boots with solid tread will help to prevent that and keep you where you are supposed to be, on the trail. In addition to that I would look for boots that are at the very least partially weatherproofed. You do not need complete 100% waterproof boot unless you plan to do a lot of creek hiking, but a pair that is somewhat waterproof should keep your feet dry and more importantly warm.

After boots you also need to choose the right pack. Depending on how long your hike is this will dictate the size of the pack. If it is just a short four to five mile hike you probably do not need to get a large pack, but I would still recommend getting one with a belt for back support. Your shoulders can get tired very quickly even with a minimal amount of weight and having a pack that is supported by your hips and lower body is a must.

Next you need to pick out your clothing. I would get specific pants and a light weatherproof top. Many times people will just throw on jeans to go hiking with. While this is ok, they are not nearly as comfortable as specific hiking and backpacking gear that is meant for being in the outdoors. Layer your clothes, choose appropriate equipment and you should be able to fully enjoy the outdoors.