Backpacking, Camping And Hiking Essential Equipment

If you are looking to get into backpacking, camping and hiking you are going to need to get the right equipment. From clothes, to tents, grills and other things you want to make sure that not only you have what you need, but that it will be reliable enough to last out in the wilderness. Other hobbies and activities may have some room for a little bit of cheaper equipment, but nothing can ruin your backpacking, camping and hiking weekend faster then a leaky tent or a grill that will not work.

Finding The Right Backpacking, Camping And Hiking Gear

The first things to look at are those that you will use at camp – grill, tent, and other things you would find there. You should come up with a list of everything you think you think you will need weeks if not months before your trip. You do not want to be scrambling to get a last minute piece of backpacking, camping or hiking equipment because at times like these you will purchase the wrong thing or pay too much. I can tell you from experience there are a couple things you absolutely will need.

First off is your tent. I would always get a little bit bigger tent then you think you need, especially if you do not have to hike in to your camp site. I would also pay a bit more and go with as high quality a tent as you can find as cheap tents are never worth the money saved. Eureka makes high quality tents in variety of sizes although they can be a bit expensive. After the tent you may want to get another shelter area for eating and relaxing, but these only really come in handy if the weather is going to be bad. After the tent the next most important thing at camp is your grill. I usually like to try to find a nice high quality portable butane grill, although charcoal can be effective as well. You also need to make sure that you bring things that can make camp life easier – a good quality axe, some newspaper to start a fire, rope and an extra tarp always come in handy.

After you have got your base camp situation in order the next part to plan for your backpacking, camping, and hiking outing is your personal gear. The weather will dictate this the most, but no matter what time of year it is you want to get a pair of high quality backpacking hiking boots. This is probably the most important piece of backpacking, camping, and hiking gear you can get.