Choices: Backpacking Camping Gear

Backpacking camping gear requires a lot of research and hands on experience in order to decide what gear is the right pick for any particular backpacker. If a hiker is just going on a day trip where he is hiking out and back, maybe cooking a meal on the way, but is not staying overnight, is going to need much different supplies than a hiker going on a week-long camping trip.

The best way to choose backpacking camping gear is to try it out beforehand. Borrowing camping gear from a friend or renting it from an outdoor supply shop is a good way to get a feel for the best backpacking gear. Everyone has a different preference about the type of tent they like, sleeping bag they love to snuggle in, and stove to cook their favorite camping meal

What Are the Options?

The main items in backpacking camping gear are the tent, sleeping bag and camp stove. There are several different types of tents out there. When choosing backpacking camping gear, the tent has to be totally rain proof. The fly must come all the way down to the ground no matter what type of tent or what size is decided upon. That way, items that the backpacker does not want to store inside of the tent, but must stay dry can be stored under it, plus rain in a windy storm does not get blown up under the fly and through the screen. Most backpackers choose at least a two man tent even if they camp alone because, although it weighs slightly more than a one-man, it gives additional comfort since there is room for supplies in the tent as well.

Sleeping bags also give a variety of choices when choosing backpacking camping gear. One choice has to do with the style of the bag itself. Some taper at the bottom so that there isn’t much room to move down in the leg area. There are others that provide ‘mummification’ around the face area so that the head can be almost totally enclosed like a cocoon. The filling in different bags is different as well, such as down or a synthetic material. Each bag is also rated according to the temperatures that can be withstood inside of the bag. That must be taken into consideration when buying a bag so that even in the coldest conditions the camper can remain warm.

Finally, stoves have a lot of discussion in backpacking circles as to which one is best. There are some stoves that can be made at home and others that are quite complex. Some run on alcohol, while others run on gas or tablets. There are some stoves that do not heat water very quickly at all, to the point of not being able to melt snow in cold enough conditions. The main thing to consider is the types of weather conditions that the camper will encounter when camping and choose the stove appropriately.