Backpacking for Less: Discount Backpacking Gear

Discount backpacking gear is much easier to find as the sport becomes more and more popular. There are many different companies today that supply discount backpacking gear, as well as trade shows where the gear is sold at a discounted price. In addition, discount stores that did not carry backpacking items in the past are now beginning to carry these items as the popularity has increased, and beginning backpackers do not want to invest a bunch of money just to try out a new sport.

So Many Choices

A beginning backpacker should really test out different types of gear before committing to buying, even if it is discount backpacking gear. There are several ways to do this. Friends may have backpacking items that they are willing to loan, such as tents, sleeping bags and backpacks, which are the most expensive of the backpacking supplies. There are also outdoor outfitting companies that rent out backpacking equipment, which is another good way to test out various products and brands before deciding on which one is right for them.

Once the choice in items is made, then it is good to check backpacking gear reviews to see what other people are saying about the various products. It is good to find reviews that are made by ‘real’ people, rather than just the manufacturers, so that the opinions are less biased than the manufacturer that just wants to sell its product.

Another way to find discounted backpacking gear is to look for gear swapping outfitters, where people bring their gear in to swap with other backpackers for theirs. This is a great way to get gear for cheap. There are some online markets that also sell gear for discounted prices from both individuals as well as outdoor companies. There are also discount backpacking gear stores to be found in most major cities.

Making it Homemade?

A final way to save money on backpacking gear is to make some of it from scratch. There are so many items that are expensive in the stores, but can be made from scratch with minimal materials. Sleeping bags and camp stoves are the most common to be made from scratch, thus saving money and still coming out with quality supplies. Making supplies from scratch is not necessarily the best idea for novice backpackers, but for a more experienced backpacker who is committed to the sport; it is a viable option in discount backpacking gear.