Dried Backpacking Food Will Stay Good For Long Periods Of Time

Are you going backpacking across Europe, or even the United States, or maybe you’re going camping or hiking, and you need backpacking food to keep you sustained during your long trip? The best kind of food, besides homemade backpacking food, for these types of trips is dried backpacking food. Foods like beef jerky, dried fruits, and other foods that are dried out so that they are void of moisture will retain their freshness and they will stay good practically forever. That means that no matter if you’re going backpacking for a day or a month, you’ll always have food available to eat.

Store Bought

You can pick up entire packs of dried backpacking food at the grocery store, at your local camping store or you can order it in bulk off the internet. It all depends on how much you need and what flavors you like. If you’re going for a long time, such as on a long camping trip, and you have a lot of people with you, you may want to buy your dried backpacking food in bulk. That way, if one person runs out of food, you can always lend them food. Dried backpacking food will last a long time and will sustain many people for a long backpacking trip.


Another great aspect of dried backpacking food is that it is very lightweight. The thing that gives most food a heavy weight is all the water and moisture inside of it. When you dry these foods out, you can carry more of it and for longer distances. An entire backpack full of dried backpacking food will feed a group of five or six people for several days.


One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to dried backpacking food is that it’s usually loaded with sodium. Sodium and salt keep the dried backpacking food preserved even longer. But as anyone who has ever eaten an entire pack of beef jerky can attest to, you will get very thirsty very quickly after eating dried backpacking food. Make sure you carry plenty of water with you so that you can rehydrate when you need to. You can live for several days without food but without water, you will not last very long in the wilderness or wherever you happen to be backpacking. So make sure you always bring plenty of water to prevent dehydration from occurring.