Backpacking Food Recipes For Anytime

Are you going somewhere that requires a backpack and you want to take the best backpacking food with you? There are all sorts of backpacking food recipes that you can make right at home that go great in a backpack for any sort of occasion. First, you have to decide where you’re going, how long you’ll need your backpacking food recipe to stay fresh, as well as the temperature. These specifics will help you decide which backpacking food recipes to choose so that you can remain well fed no matter where you’re going.

Just For The Day

If you are carrying a backpack just for the day and you want backpacking food recipes to take with you, there are many choices to choose from. Of course, there are the tried and true sandwiches that go great in a backpack. Students have known this for a long time. You can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a ham on rye and it will stay fresh until you’re ready to eat it either in or out of class. Just remember that sandwiches won’t remain fresh for long in your backpack so you might want to eat them as soon as you can. Some other great backpacking food recipes for only a day include soups in thermoses, or even leftovers from last night’s dinner.

Several Days

If you’re going backpacking for a few days, or you’re going camping or hiking, you’re going to want backpacking food recipes that will remain fresh for that long. Beef jerky and trail mix are great things to take with you as these will stay fresh forever, but you can also add some backpacking food recipes to your mix so that you have some variety. You can make your own protein bars using peanut butter, protein powder, eggs and milk. These will give you plenty of energy and will help you build muscle for those athletic types. However, you won’t want to take anything that will melt inside your backpack if you’re going to be in hot weather. Remember to tailor your backpacking food recipes to go along with whatever the weather will be like during your backpacking trip.

There are so many backpacking food recipes to be found online and there are also backpacking food recipe cook books that you can find at your local bookstore to help you come up with a variety of foods to eat during your travels.