Backpacking Food For Every Occasion

There are many reasons to carry a backpack. Students carry backpacks to carry their books to and from class, wanderers carry them on their backs to traverse across Europe or even the states, campers carry them to carry supplies and other camping materials and hikers carry them to haul water, food and more. The one thing all of these types of people have in common is that they all like to bring backpacking food along for the journey. While backpacking food is common, the types of backpacking food these types of people carry with them varies widely. It all depends on how long the food will stay in the backpack, what the temperature is outside and inside the backpack as well as the weight of the food.


Many students carry backpack food in their backpacks, whether they are going to class, to the library, or going to and from home from school. Carrying backpack food in your backpack is better than eating all the fattening stuff that you often find in the cafeteria or the vending machines in the class buildings. Students can carry a wide variety of backpack food, from entire packed lunches, to just packaged sandwiches, to protein bars and more. The key to carrying food in your pack is that it shouldn’t be able to melt so that it doesn’t ruin your schoolbooks, which can be very expensive, and it should be able to be eaten quickly either between classes or in class if the professor or teacher allows it.


Wanderers who traverse across Europe or other countries need backpacking food ideas that are going to last a long time. People who backpack in this way usually don’t have a lot of money so that food should be cheap, it should not melt and it should be light enough to carry over long distances. Some good foods for these types of occasions are beef jerky, trail mix, snack foods that are preserved to last as well as canned goods. Canned goods can get heavy so it’s best to limit these types of backpack foods unless you want to stop every few minutes to rest because you’re so weight down with food.

Camping and Hiking

Campers and hikers can do well with the same type of food that wanderers take with them, except these days it’s not uncommon for campers and hikers to bring portable grills with them. That means that campers and hikers can also carry foods that can be cooked, such as meat and such as long as they are frozen and kept on ice.

Just make sure you keep enough room in your backpack for other things, such as water, clothes and toiletries, especially if you’re going to be away from home for long periods of time.