Are You Stumped On What Kind Of Vegetarian Backpacking Food To Carry?

When you aren’t picking about your food, you can pretty much carry anything inside of your backpack to sustain you on long camping or hiking trips. Beef jerky and other dried backpacking foods tend to be very popular items. These types of backpacking foods will stay fresh for a long time and you can eat them whenever you feel those hunger pangs coming on. However, if you’re a vegetarian, it can be hard to find backpacking food that will remain fresh during extended trips. What you need to do if you’re looking for vegetarian backpacking food is to get yourself a vegetarian backpacking food cook book. A cook book of this sort will give you lots of ideas so that you’re never without variety, whether you’re going to and from school, going camping or you’re going hiking.

Vegetarian packing food has to be handled with care. It must be packed correctly. The reason vegetarian backpacking food must be handled delicately is that it will spoil easily in extreme heat or if it’s kept in your backpack for long periods of time. However, if you know how to package your vegetarian backpacking food correctly, you will be able to keep your vegetarian backpacking food fresh for as long as you need. This is good for backpacking trips where you’re traveling for many miles, long camping trips, as well as hiking trips. To package your food correctly, you’ll want to seal it in a sandwich bag or some derivative so that air doesn’t get to it. You’ll also want to maybe store it with ice inside another bag to keep it cool. This will be the equivalent of keeping your vegetarian backpacking food in a refrigerator, provided that you won’t be keeping it inside the backpack for a long time so that the ice melts and becomes warm water once more.

Recipe Books

You should be able to find vegetarian backpacking food recipe books at your local bookstore or even at your local camping store, as many people are becoming vegetarian these days. When you decide to become vegetarian, you often find it difficult to find foods to eat at restaurants and fast food places. Therefore, vegetarians often learn how to make their own foods and this tends to serve them well, especially when they find themselves backpacking.

Just make sure you don’t focus too much on food so that you forget the water and other drinks to go along with it.