A Few Top Contenders For The Honor Of Being Considered The Best School Backpack

Essentially, the best school backpack is one that must be large enough to accommodate all the essential items required by a student to pursue their academics and in addition which is also sturdily built and which boasts of a more stylish look as well. While not every school backpack has all these features there are a few that can lay claim to doing so and these are the ones that are worthy of being considered among the best school backpacks.

JanSport Big Student Classic Daypack Is Considered As Best School Backpack

The first such school backpack that lays claim to being the best school backpack, the JanSport Big Student Classic Daypack is well loved by most owners and the reason for this is that these school backpacks are of excellent quality – even if they come minus any bells and whistles. Their straps are S-curved and this provides better distribution of weight and so the child does not need to strain their backs too much. In addition, you get a lifetime guarantee with this product which is certainly a good enough reason to include it in the list of best school backpacks.

The Classmate Wheel Pack from Land’s End is another top contender for best school backpack and this backpack is well loved for its inline skate wheels as well as pull handle and it is of course a backpack that is highly portable. You can choose one such school backpack with or without shoulder straps and in fact its Classmate design has already won the 2003 Good Housekeeping best school backpack award.

The third contender for best school backpack is the High Sierra Swell that has many compartments and which provides ready access to everything that a student wants to retrieve from the backpack – and in a hurry. It too is comfortable to bear on the back and is well designed as well.

JanSport Dreamer is considered among the best school backpacks because of its high tech support and it also enables the modern student to transport their laptops and iPods. In addition, it is well loved for its solidity of construction and its ability to hold larger items.

For children’s school backpack why not take another look at one of the best school backpacks which is the Locker Pack from Land’s End. This is a great option that has especially been designed to allow younger children to store their school backpacks in a small sized locker. For slightly older students the Columbia Core Messenger is a wonderful option and is highly rated as well.